Fixer Chile is a team of local film fixers that acts as a fully-fledged production company in Chile. We work independently as freelancers offering services like location scouting and production management. In addition, we offer general help with various aspects of production (logistics, crew, talent).

Location Scouting

Chile offers a full spectrum of diverse landscapes and beautiful location prospects thanks to its unique geography. Some Chilean cities serve as alternative backdrops for North American cities. In addition, they can cover for the French countryside or even some part of modern-day Europe.

Our production fixers in Chile can assist with location research to find the perfect filming locations in Chile and process permits. While getting film permits is not always clearly regulated, Fixer Chile has a good amount of expertise in the field.

Crew Sourcing

Chile offers a relatively small pool of local crew that are skilled at their trade and experienced in working on international productions. Finding English-speaking professionals can sometimes be challenging. We assist foreign crews in finding the most qualified professionals on local rates.

Equipment Hire

Standard and specialized filming equipment is available locally for rental. You can easily get gear like technocranes, Russian arms, motion controls or camera cars from our local suppliers anywhere in the country.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our Chilean fixers work with international media and foreign journalists on reports and news pieces around the country. We are highly experienced in assisting journalists with fact checks and general research for a comprehensive report. In addition, we find contributors and also do follow-ups after the assignment finishes.

General Production Support

We have a good network of contacts in Chile, which makes it easy to provide logistics and support. In addition, our team has extensive knowledge to set up small and large scale shoots. Moreover, we can find the right locations and crew to make it happen.