Located on the West coast of the south cone of the South American continent, Chile lies between the highest point of the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Like most of LatAm, Chile offers some of the best natural geographical landscapes around. Filming in Chile is under the administration of the Film Commission Chile. Additionally, there are regional film commissions to which you have to apply for regional permits when necessary.


Film Permits in Chile

In most locations in Chile, you do not need a filming permit for simple projects like hand-held b-roll. However, if you will be doing as little as setting a tripod or laying cables, then you have to apply for filming permits.

Certain locations in Chile might also require separate permits. This means layers of permits might be needed depending on the scale of your project and the location you have in mind.

Chilean law allows drone filming with the exception of national parks. Permits might take from 5 days to a month to process depending on the location and scope of work. With the help of our Chile production fixers, you can sort out permits without worries.


Access for Foreign Journalists

Chile ranks 46th in the World Press Freedom Index, close to countries like the US and South Korea. This means journalists can do their job with relative ease and without facing major dangers.

Journalists and crews coming into Chile to cover local news or current affairs will require an additional work visa. With the help of our local fixers in Chile, the process should be easier.

Moreover, we act as a one-stop shop for foreign journalists and our services include: research, finding contributors, follow-ups.


Tax Incentive

The Chile Film Commission offers several tax incentives for various film projects. There is a cash rebate of 30% of total qualified expenses for TV series and movies with a limit of 3 million USD. There are also several other forms of incentives to encourage production.