Fixer Chile: Local Production Support for Foreign Crews and International Journalists


Fixer Chile is a team of trusted professionals spread-out all over the country assisting foreign crews and journalists. We offer direct services ranging from location scouting and permits processing to general assistance. Additionally, we work with local partners and suppliers in Chile to deliver talent and logistics needed for various projects.


Our team has an impressive international background and years of experience working on numerous projects. We can provide references from previous clients upon request.


Fixer Chile is a member of Storytailors, an international production network of highly reputed media professionals in the TV, film and journalism industry. Our colleagues are spread around the world and offer hyper-local help to producers and journos.

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Our services include:

General assistance and production support for films, TV, commercials and journalists throughout Chile

Crew sourcing: recruitment of technical and non-technical personnel

Location scouting and permits processing for filming in Chile


Our Chilean fixers can work on your production teams in the following roles:

Production assistant

Production manager

Location scout/manager


Fixer Chile can source additional crew like gaffers, grips and ACs through our local network of contacts and trusted local partners. In addition, we source logistics such as transport and catering. Therefore we work as a fully-fledged production company, but at a fraction of the cost.


Feel free to get in touch with us if you are covering a press report in or filming a movie/doc in Chile. We will be glad to offer free initial research and consultation on your project.

Production Services

Support for foreign journalists

Reliable local support for international journalists

TV commercials

Location, crew hiring, and every other production need for TV commercials

General production assistance

All-around assistance for every aspect of production in Chile

Film production

Reliable and affordable alternative for movie producers

Equipment rental & crew sourcing

Hire local crews and rent filming equipment in Chile

Location scouting & permits

Get access to top filming locations in Chile through our fixers

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